SCLP Samaj School is a reputable leading private school devoted to excellence.

There are a wide range of subjects offered for IGCSE ‘O’ Level certificate students who are admitted in Year 7 having taken and passed an entrance examination conducted in July at the end of the school academic year, that runs from September to July.

Subjects offered for Edexcel IGCSE certificate falls into four categories namely:

  1. Sciences – Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics
  2. Business – Accounting, Business Studies, Commerce and Economics
  3. Languages – English, Kiswahili, French and Gujarati
  4. Humanities – History, Geography, Literature, Art and Design, and Music

For Year 7 to Year 9, a student takes 13 subjects. At the end of Year 9, a student, with the help of parents and school career office, selects subjects of his or her choice that shall lead to a future career.