Welcome to S.C.L.P. Samaj School kindergarten!

The School accommodates about 400 students and provides a secure learning environment where each individual is valued and respected.

Our kindergarten offers a unique Early Years learning experience for young children from the age of 2.6 years to 5 years. The kindergarten provides an exceptionally happy and creative atmosphere, helping and encouraging children to develop into independent and confident individuals.

There is also a children’s swimming pool where every week the children have small group swimming sessions with a coach and class teacher. The S.C.L.P. Samaj School school environment is perfect for providing learning spaces both for indoor and outdoor activities.

Our teachers are skilled at providing creative learning spaces which are stimulating and captivating for a young learner.

Here, children learn to share, cooperate, problem solve and use their imagination and creativity.

It is our aim that every child in S.C.L.P. Samaj School is confident and  bears love for learning, with a belief that school is a fun place to be!

In this school there are opportunities for each child to learn individually and independently through exploration and active interaction with his or her environment.