Message from the Chairman – SCLP Samaj

The Shree Cutchi Leva Patel Samaj School is an open-minded community school that has worked tirelessly, since its inception in 1994, to offer a life-transforming experience to thousands of students who have benefited from the quality and affordable education delivered by the institution.

The founding elders of the institution envisioned a school that would commit itself to maintaining the highest quality of education and an all-round growth of our children. Over the years, the BOG and Samaj Management have strived to ensure that the school motto “Education For Enlightenment” is held high each academic year.

We are proud of the vibrant relationship that exists among the Samaj Management, Trust Trustees, BOG and parents at local, National and at International levels that has enabled the staff and students to excel in their tasks to ensure the institution maintains its spirit of excellence.
The success of our school and college is incomplete without the mention of the entire SCLP Samaj Managing committee members who over the years have shown unwavering support and commitment. The School Chief Principal, Mr H.S. Gill has immensely devoted his energies to the growth of the school in ensuring that the school attains its ultimate objective of being the leading provider of quality education in the region. The Deputies and Senior Administrators also deserve hearty appreciation. The academic and the support staff are worthy of praise for their continued hard work and enthusiasm.

As a matter of fact, our school derives its pride courtesy of our generous donors who throughout the last two decades have most willingly donated both materials and capital towards the expansion of our institution. A practical example is the newly established SCLP Samaj School at the Langata Campus with nearly Ksh 400 million invested in the Langata Campus project!!

The expansion will ensure that we are able to accommodate the ever surging admissions at the institution. It is our hope that the expansions at the school will offer our students a modern learning experience, and opportunities that the students and parents have been longing for.

Our growth is attributed to the togetherness and hard work of our generous and hardworking Gaam representatives from the 24 villages. These special groups laid the foundation for this institution upon which the transformation of our community is being realized.

I urge all stakeholders to continue supporting our growth. I look forward to the future with great hope that our dream of a better tomorrow is will definitely be realized.

Ramji D. Varsani
(Chairman Shree Cutchi Leva Patel Samaj)

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