A Chat with the BOG Treasure

Q. What was the first step you took towards being part of and helping our wonderful institution?
A. My first step was to learn and familiarise with the existing systems and procedures. This helped me in making correct decisions for some procedure changes to increase efficiency in revenue collections and timely payments.

Q. What makes you wake up early in the morning to do something this noble to our wonderful institution?
A. It gives a lot of self-satisfaction when you are able to give your time and effort to serve the community. And yes, I am an early riser.

Q. What is your opinion about E-learning?
A. With the advancement in technology, E-learning cannot be ignored. Its coming and its coming very fast.

Q. What is your secret/key to the kind of success you have achieved?
A. I believe in discipline, respect time, respect every person and always ready to learn more on different fields and take up a challenge.

Q. Do you have any advice for the many students who aspire to be like you?
A. I would advise them to study to gain knowledge and not just to pass exams. They must believe that humans have a lot more to invent and learn about. Be open minded and learn how to live in harmony with the wide variety of people around.

Q. What are some of the things that you have done for our school that you really feel proud of?
A. Worked closely with other board members and improved the internet, computer labs, concept of students having laptops, increase efficiency in library, accounting department and latest being to ensure that Mr. Gill uses a laptop.

Q. We all know that this school charges relatively lower fees than other schools, and it is also a community school. How do you manage to meet our school’s financial obligations with such limited resources?
We must give credit on low fees to our well-wishers and our community elders who have always ensured that the large capital expenditure is always received through donations. The accounting team works towards operational efficiencies and come up with reports so that our board members contribute and give us ideas for various cost saving measures.

Q. What would you like us to remember you for 20 years from now?
A. Discipline in time and efficiency in whatever I try to do.

If you were given a chance to come back to our school as a student, what will you do differently from what you see our students doing?
Increase level of discipline to even higher standards and handle the school property in a manner that is always in excellent condition.

Q. There are three students (two girls and one boy) who resemble you. Are they your children?

Q. What is the secret to them been such wonderful and competitive swimmers?
A. I will give full credit on this to my wife. She ensures that she always supports their swimming.

Q. If you were not our BOG Treasurer, what would you be?
A. No clue on this.

Q. What is your favorite meal in our school canteen?
A. Samosa.

Mr. Sanjay Bhudia
BOG Treasurer