From the Principal’s Desk

SCLP Samaj School is one of the providers of British Education Curriculum in the country. With our academic roots stretching back to 1994, we are a high caliber Education institution in the region with excellent Edexel International results in both IGCSE ‘O’ level and GCE ‘A’ level, that has placed the institution as one of the leading academic institutions globally.

The school boasts of a vibrant BOG and Trust Trustees team throughout its history and is proud of its traditions as a community school with bias for learning and co-curricular excellence. The contribution of our students and parents to the Kenyan community is exceptional with over USD 400,000 having been raised to support deserving needy cases in society especially bursaries to bright needy students and medical aid to underprivileged members of society including our parents and staff who require specialized medical treatment abroad. . The heart of our success is hard work and we are committed to providing the highest quality Education in the most modern way of delivery and soon the school will introduce Electronic Learning support programmes.

Today, the school has an excellent campus offering foundation programmes delivered by Western Sydney University and ABE and ACCA courses from UK. A new modern campus with world class education facilities at our Langata campus complex is nearing completion and the senior school and college will relocate to the venue in the new academic year this, 2016/2017.The relocation will greatly strengthen our Senior School and college as it will provide a serene environment for study and research.

“The Fountain” revisits some our students achievement in 2015 / 2016 academic year and also captures administrative structures being put in place to ensure the transition of the senior school to the Langata Campus is sound and will greatly contribute to sustaining the excellent results of the senior school and college in the coming years.

It is important to note that the Editorial team of our students has greatly contributed to the success of this Fountain Edition and I urge all to leaf through the beautiful pages, you will open up your insight to our vision “To be the finest Multiracial day school in Kenya”. I urge all stakeholders to continue supporting our school and future plans.


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